How can I order my Pasculli frame set?

Choose your frame www.pasculli.de, choose your colors, set up your Pasculli account, safe your body measurement in your account and send us your order.

How do I measure the size of my old frame set?

If you like to have your Pasculli to be build like your old frame, we need to know which size, which brand, which model and when it was built. You can find the detailed information here.

Which information do we need, if you want to have your Pasculli build according to the results of your bike fit?

If you have been to a bike fitter and you want to have your Pasculli build according to the results of the fit, you can upload your fitting documents in your user account. The fitting data should definitely comprise the following information: body measurements (body height, arm length, inseam, trunk length, lower leg length) and stack and reach.

When is the final sales contract concluded?

The final sales contract is concluded, when Pasculli has received your down payment for your frame set.

Can I exchange my frame set after the sales contract has been concluded?

After your sales contract has been concluded, your frameset cannot be returned or exchanged, as your Pasculli frame set is a custom built product just for you. (§312d IV Nr. 1 BGB)

How long does the production of my frame set take?

From the day when the sales contract was concluded, it takes about 8-10 weeks to produce your frame set.

What kind of payment methods are possible?

Pasculli works with a down payment and a remaining payment. First, you will receive the down payment invoice. As soon a Pasculli has received your down payment, the sales contract is binding and your frame set will be produced. When the frame set has arrived in Berlin, Pasculli sends you the invoice for the remaining payment. Once we have received the remaining payment, we will commission the delivery.

Which warrenty do I have on my Pasculli frame set?

If you are the first owner of your Pasculli frame set, your warranty on that frame set is three years, starting from the day of purchase.

Whom do I contact, if I have a case of warranty?

If you have a place of warranty, please log into your account and use the warranty form.

Does any kind of costs arise in the case of warranty for you?

As Pasculli can only offer the warranty on the frame set, so cost due to assembling or shippemt will are exkluded and have tob e beared by the customer. Furthermore changes regarding the paint or a change of the frame model can cause costs.

Does the warranty on my frame set still exists, if structural modifications (including a new paint) are made on me frameset?

As soon as you structurally modify or repaint your frameset, your warranty is made invalid immediately.

Is there any warranty on the paint of my frame set?

For the paint of your frame set a warranty of two years exist, except for damages due to mechanical external forces, chemical detergants and environmental impacts.

What does the delivery of my frame set include ?

The scope of delivery of a Pasculli frame set is:

  • frame
  • fork
  • head set incl. Head plug and spacer
  • derailleur hanger
  • seat clamp

All frame sets are ready to be assembled.

Is it possible to change my order after I have made the down payment?

No, unfortunately not. After you have made your down payment, it will not be possible to change your order.

What does crash replacement mean?

If your Pasculli will be damaged in an accident within the first two years, we offer you the crash replacement program. You will have the opportunity to purchase a new Pasculli at preferential conditions. Further information you find here.

How do I take my body measurement?

Please find all our advices and instructions to take your body measurement in our guidance.