Pasculli Crash Replacement

Your Pasculli is not just any bike, but a unique masterpiece custom built and exactly for you. So it is a very emotional and annoying thing, if your Pasculli is damaged because of an accident or a crash.
If you, as the first owner of the Pasculli frame set, are affected by such a situation, you can benefit from our crash replacement program. Pasculli offers you to purchase the current Version of your Pasculli frame set at preferential conditions anew.

Crash Replacement-Terms:

  • You are the first owner of the damaged frame set and you have registered your frame set for the crash replacement program within two weeks after the purchase date.
  • The frame set was damaged in the case of an accident/crash.
  • Pasculli Crash Replacement opportunity applies for  he first two years after the date of purchase.
  • The offer of crash replacement does not apply to frame sets which have already been replaced once within the crash replacement program or guarantee cases.
  • The damaged frame set has to be sent to Bikeline GmbH, where it will be assessed.
  • The shipping expenses and furthermore all costs for mechanic service are excluded and have to be beared by the customer.

How does the crash replacement work?

  1. Please sign in on our website and fill the crash replacement form.
  2. After we have received your inquiry, we will contact you via email.
  3. Send your frame-set (frame + fork – without any parts) to

Bikeline GmbH
Roennebergstr. 17
12161 Berlin

Please add a copy of your original invoice to the frame set.


  1. After Pasculli has assessed your frame-set, you will receive the „crash-replacement-offer“ via email. Please confirm your offer and ask for your invoice.
  2. As soon as we have received your down payment, your crash replacement frame set is a binding order.
  3. From the day of the binding order it will take about 8-10 weeks until your new Pasculli frame set arrives at your place.

Crash-Replacement Formular

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