About 30 years ago, when steel frames with down tube shifters were the modern technology to have, all big known brands like Colnago and Bianchi did have about 20 different frame- sizes. Riders did not have any problems to find the right frame size, but used to buy their bike frames like they bought shoes – perfectly suited.

Unfortunately, the variety of frame sizes got lost, when the first monoquoce carbon frames (the whole frame is produced in one mold) were produced at the beginning of the 1990s. Today, due to business efficiency, most of the big brands offer about five different sizes, from S to XXL, to their customers.

However, Pasculli’s philosophy is different. We are convinced that still today, every frame is supposed to be and to suit perfectly to his owner. With your individual custom built bikes, you can best experience and enjoy cycling – for us one of the most beautiful sports in the world.

Pasculli combines the old Italian tradition of frame building with modern technical innovation from Germany to offer you your Pasculli frame, being a handcrafted, custom built unique master piece just for you!

We know that our philosophy and our bike frames are not everybody’s taste, but that is what it is. However, if you are looking for a bike which suits you perfectly, which tells your story and which looks different from what you normally get, then we are most probably the right ones for you.

We live cycling and we love to experience those very special moments on and with the bike, like just going for a ride with friends, like culture and art at Villa Pasculli or like participating in Amstel Gold Race, Tour of Flandern and Farini Tour.