2005: The two friends Christoph Hartmann, 2nd Oboe of the Berlin Philharmonics, and Maik Kresse, CEO of the Bike shop „Bikeline“ had a glas of wine  at „Ristorante Due Spade“ in the little village Bettola (Emilia Romagna, Italy). Both of them loved cycling and raod bikes since they were young, so they were thrilled by the idea to produce their own bikes with a perfect fit for each customer. Hence there was the one and only option for them, they had to bring together the old Italian tradition of frame building and the modern technical innovation from Germany. Hartmann and Kresse started their project by founding their own company.


When the name for the new company and brand had to be defined, Christoph Hartmann came upon some very old musical notes of the famous Italian oboist, Antonio Pasculli. Of course, the answer how to name the new brand was found, because who, if not the “Paganini of the Oboe” was perfect to express this extraordinary liason between classical music and bicycles?


With their handmade, custom build and colorful painted bike frames, Hartmann and Kresse inspired friends and friends of friends who contribute to the development of the company and give the brand its face until today. 


The little village Bettola, where the idea of Pasculli was born, and the Valnure (Nure Valley) are important places for Pasculli. Almost all frames are named after villages and mountain of the Valnure.




A bigger show room had to be found, so Pasculli moved to „Villa Pasculli“, a Villa which is part of the historical industrial architecture of the „Goerzwerke“ in Berlin Friedenau.

All bike frames, handmade and custom build in Italy, are send to Berlin to Villa Pasculli. There, the experienced Pasculli mechanics prepare the bike frames for the final assembling, before they are send to their owner.


As a consequence of the increasing demand, we decided to work with carefully chosen partner, the “Punti Pasculli”. Our Punti Pasculli are Pasculli service points, where our bike frames can be purchased.  Punti Pasculli are located  in Elmshorn / Veloskop, in Munich / Bikedress, in Zwenkau / AS Bikes, in Lichtenstein / RuBs and in Barcelona / Pave Culture Cicliste.




Launch of the first Pasculli Online-Shop: To provide a better service to our customers, we decided to launch our first Online Shop. From now on, our customers can also purchase our bike frames via www.pasculli.de