All Pasculli frames are hand built in Italy. If carbon, steel, aluminum or titanium, our frames are built with the experience of the old Italian frames building tradition and the newest technical innovation from Germany.

Pasculli is specialized on carbon frames. All carbon frames are built in “tube to tube” technology. (Tubes are bonded to one another using over-wrapping with carbon.) This allows us to realize the entire special wishes our customers and to implicate his body measures, his bodyweight and his individual frames geometry.
Pasculli frames are unique master pieces which perfectly fit their owners.

We emphasis that Pasculli works with high quality carbon fibers only. Our tubes an frames are built with unidirectional, 3 k and 1 k carbon prepregs.

Regarding the aluminum and steel frames, we trust in the quality of Columbus and Dedacciai tubes.

Our colorful frame painting is done by hand in Italy and in Berlin.

There still is the myth that carbon is the material to build the lightest bike frames, but is so easy to damage at the same time. Today, this myth is disproved by the actual state of technology. Carbon fiber is known as a high-strength material which is used for Formula 1 and aerospace.

Regarding the frame production, carbon brings along two main advantages: 1. Carbon tubes are light and 2. The driving characteristics of the frame (stiffness, straight running, and comfort) can be influenced by different processing of the carbon prepregs.

The production of the carbon bike frames begins with the choice of the carbon prepregs and the production of the tubes. Tubes are produced in moulds with a special vacuum process in an autoclave.  After that the tubes are cut to the individual length of the customer , put together in the frame gauge to the personalized geometry and “baked” in the autoclave again.

Before the frame is ready to be assembled, a few more steps have to be accomplished, like the milling, the preparation for the shifting system and finally the painting.