Pasculli Online Store is open


We wish you a happy and healthy new year. May all of you have the time to enjoy wonderfull hours on your bike!


We’re very pleased to tell you that finally, the Pasculli Online Store is open. Visiting our website, you have already opened the store’s “door”. We invite you to design you individual Pasculli with our frameset configurator.


Safe your frameset projects, or order directly?
No problem! Please register for your new Pasculli account and safe your frameset projects there. You can save until five different frameset projects and modify them as long as you have found the perfect Pasculli for you.


For the development and production of your individual Pasculli frameset, we need some information about who you are and your body measurements of course. So please fill in your profile and your body measurements.

Frameset configured? Profile and body measurements filled in? You are ready to order your Pasculli frameset!

How do we proceed?
First, you will receive your order confirmation. After that, we send you your individual geometry and your down-payment invoice. Once we have received your down-payment, our frame makers will start to build your frame. As a custom build and handmade frame needs its time, you need to be a little patient. We need about 10 weeks, until the frame will arrive at your place.


We’re looking forward to your orders!