Custom manufacturing

The „Radmanufaktur“ Pasculli realizes your handmade, custom built and individually painted frame set.

Custom built frames – why?

We are convinced that your bike frame is supposed to fit you, like the shoes you wear,  – PERFECTLY.

To manufacture custom built frames means that we can build your individual frame set including your wishes, your body measurements and your body weight.













No matter if you are a very small or very big person, if you are light-weight or heavy weight, if as hobby cyclist or road racer, we manufacture your unique masterpiece.

How do we manufacture custom built frames?

To manufacture your individual Pasculli frame set, there are three possible point to start from:

  1. You, with the assistance of a second person, take your body measurements yourself. How? Have a look at our body measurements manual. You can also visit us at Villa Pasculli where we will take your body measurements.
  2. You send us the measurements of your old existing frame. How? Have a look here.
  3. You have been to a bike fitter who has analyzed your perfect position. You can also send us your bike-fit-data and your individual geometry will be developed out of that.

As soon as you have sent us your data, your individual geometry will be developed with bike CAD.




Download manual body measurements (pdf)

Download manual frame measurements (pdf)



Where does Pasculli manufacture your frame set?

The Pasculli frame makers are Italians who have all the knowledge of the old famous and traditional Italian Art of frame building. All our frames are built in “tube to tube” technology, meaning that every tube is cut to the size of your individual geometry.