Exibition opening “you should have seen that coming” – 14.11. // 19 h

„You should have seen that coming“…


… – you really should have, in the truest sense of the word says Pasculli and recommends to visit the newest exhibition of Timm Kölln, one of our first Pascullisti, and Olaf Unverzart.

“You should have seen that coming”  gives  an insight into the  multi-facetted and heterogeneous cycling sport- beyond any list of winners or the routine mystification of the Tour de France.




Exhibition Opening: 14th of November, 7 pm.

pavlov’s dog
space for photography
Bergstrasse 19
10115 Berlin


14.11. – 14.12. 2013

Opening hours: Thursday – Saturday 16-19 h (additional dates by arrangement)